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About Nardell

Nardell Group of Companies is an accredited source of integrated marketing services who has assisted organizations to a greater growth globally. With our expertise in merchant sourcing, we have been working with merchants from a wide range of industries to create various opportunities for our clients leading to an increase of brand awareness for both parties. Being part of the industry for 14 years, Nardell has a proven track record for on-time delivery of our services to our clients and merchants.  

Established since 2006, we have worked with several key accounts over the years with a wide target audience up to date. Our clients throughout the years derived mainly from leading finance and telecommunication organizations in Malaysia.

Nardell Services

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With Nardell functioning as a merchant acquisitor, we have assisted some of the international financial organizations such as AMEX, Mastercard, HSBC, Maybank with our solutions. We have also worked with anchor telecommunication organizations locally like Digi and UMobile in their marketing campaign to run roadshows as part of our added value service to our clients.

Clients & Merchants

"Our experience working with Nardell was very much a positive one. Their professionalism was refreshing and I would welcome the opportunity

to work with them again. Thank you for making our working process a very pleasant experience. We are delighted that you have delivered 

everything we requested. We look forward to continuing working with your organization."

- Rewardz Benefits 

“We at HSBC has been using Nardell’s services as a third party sourcing vendor for the past 5 years. It’s always a pleasure to work with the Nardell team, primarily Lyan, Amira and the founder, Bernard. They are very professional at what they do, superb follow up skills, efficient and most importantly they deliver.”


“Nardell Sdn Bhd is a very well-known company in the market and also having a team of experienced coordinators but the most important is they were able to provide win-win business proposition between vendor and customer, this is very important if we are looking forward to work in a long-term partnership. I love how they respect their timeline and work frame. I was able to contact them even during weekends and holidays for urgent matters. I was totally impressed by their prompt replies. As such, it’s great working with the team and definitely I will score 9 out of 10 points!”

- The Black Whale 

“Since 2018, we at TGV Cinemas have developed a solid working relationship with Nardell. It has been nothing but great working with such an established and professional company like Nardell. As the year passed, the relationship has just gone stronger with continuous support from Nardell to grow our business.”


“It's been great opportunity to work with Nardell for several big brands partnership for our hotel. Although our partnership has just started, we really appreciate their professionalism in handling their partner.  They did great in communication and fast response by far. We are looking forward for a long last partnership and grow together with them.”

- Adiwana Group 

“It was awesome working with Nardell! Staff responded in good manner, attentive and communicate well by far. We are very pleased with the services by far and keep up the good work team Nardell.”

- de.wan 1958 by Chef Wan 

“Nardell consistently help us to grow with our business. Good communication and prompt replies by the staff. Moreover, service has been great so far and we are looking forward to work in long run.”

- Mandara Spa

“I have to say good swift onboarding process which enable to provide better deal in detail. We would like to explore more brands with you by extending our business model in upcoming future. I would like to express my gratitude to thank the coordinators for being attentive.”

Pop Meals (formerly known as dahmakan)

“It has to be 5 stars services and definitely I would recommend Nardell to my other business partners. Thanks to Nardell for connecting us with big corporations and our brand has grown so much in the market. As for the team, good manner and clear communications from everyone. We are looking forward to meet bigger brands and hopefully they are on board with Nardell in future.”

- Signature Market

“It’s been a great experience journey for us so far and up until now no major issues appear and everything is in order hence, we are comfortable in working this way. Additional to that, Nardell team is attention to detail and immediate response to our needs.”

- Hotel Istana

“As a long-term partnership arrangement with Nardell Sdn Bhd, we found our partnership grow stronger and better annually hence, we are more than happy to recommend other partners. Staff responded in good manner and as well as communicate well with my team. Lastly, I am looking forward seeing more products and services coming in to work with! Keep it up!”

- Jocom

“Really impressed with the service provided by Nardell. They assisted us in linking with partners to collaborate with & also to support in our offline marketing campaigns.”