SnapIT Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Nardell Group of Companies manages the fintech services, giving an enhanced solution to our clients on a SAAS model. With a wide range of solutions that caters from small medium enterprise companies to large corporations, our aim is to provide a beneficial usage from the advancement of technologies.

A leading provider of fintech services, SnapIT provides better insights with 4 core pillars, each pillar with specific directions and objectives of its own.

- Location Based Smart Shoppers(LBSS)
LBSS runs independently under the supervision of SnapIT Sdn Bhd, creating a solution catered specifically to the anchor commercial retail as a turn-key solution as to track footfall leading to the engagement of shoppers in shopping malls. A tool for traffic management where the location based smart shoppers feature is being utilized to analyze shopper’s behaviour that aids to enhance your business growth with added service features such as mall mapping to smart car park solutions, engaging shoppers with their preferences, location and shopping habits.

- Customer Engagement
While LBSS serves to cater for anchor organizations, SnapNgage is a platform built to focus on assisting clients from small medium enterprises (SME). With an affordable marketing tool to aid in better customer engagement, it is purposed to create a repetitive pattern of presence among your target audience with promotional campaigns and loyalty programs incorporating our added service of marketing communications.

- Food Ordering
With the growth of food delivery globally, SnapOrder focuses on providing an effective ordering ordering system that allows pre-ordering, table ordering and food delivery that is fully integrated with payment and delivery platforms to simplify the process for the food and beverage (F&B) industry. With this solution as a service, our objective is to help increase the productivity, cost savings and increase revenue for our F&B merchants and partners.

- eMarket
SnapMart is a platform catering as a cost effective and efficient method, working as a bridging tool between merchants and customers. Merchant can bring their businesses and promotional campaigns into this platform, with the objective of creating awareness for your brand presence. SnapMart comes with a systematic integration of both sales portal and payment gateway coupled with delivery throughout Malaysia and major countries around the world.